Humpback Whale- Brier Island Photography- Judi Risser

A Spiritual Encounter… with A Humpback Whale



Early this morn, I excitedly anticipated the afternoon when I would embark on a whale watching expedition.

It wasn’t my first experience whale watching.  Perhaps that’s why I was so excited,

I thought, but…

The rising glow of the sun across the bay prophetized something exquisite.

No, something more…


Humpback-Whales-Brier-Island-Nova-Scotia-Whale-Photogrpahy-Judi-Risser-Photography-Bay-of-Fundy-Nova Scotia-Tourism


It was late in the afternoon as we moved away from the Island.

Far off into the distance I could see humpback whales rising completely out of the water!

And, then these two magnificent creatures swam up along side of the vessel to greet us.




Close Up!

Entranced with their magnificence,

I forgot about the breachers off in the distance.




A sense of awe completely overcame any fear based thoughts bubbling to the surface…

A true cleansing of pride and prejudice…

Humbling to my core.


Even Closer Yet S


The great whale’s tail, weathered and worn signalled truths, I have yet to remember…


Going under S


As this amazing creature effortlessly dove beneath the vessel, I thought…

Anything could happen in this moment!


Still Going Under S


And, as it continued to pass underneath us, I knew in the span of a few minutes…

Everything will be ok.


Albatros Family- Nova Scotia Seabirds- Brier Island


I looked to the sky…

And in an instant, I knew, everything is always ok and, will always be, ok.


Tail Slapping S


We are all in good hands…


Humpback Whale- Brier Island Photography- Judi Risser


As the majestic whales glided effortlessly through the North Atlantic seas,

And, the vessel rocked gently with the movement of the water…

I melted into the magic of the sea breezes gently guiding everything.

And now, me along with it.


And then there were two again S


Watching in awe as the last two gentle giants swam out of my humanly sight,

I saw more that day in truth than I had witnessed…

In a very long time.


Sun Setting in the Bay of Fundy S


Everything will always be alright…

As long as we keep looking to the light.


Featured Images- On the Sea Surrounded by Humpback Whales

Off Brier Island on the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

with Mariner Cruises

©Judi Risser


Iconic Peggy’s Cove… at Sunset


No matter where my heart may lead me…


It always returns to the sea.

Beauty is Everywhere

Reflective colours, liquid shudders,

One has no idea what it does to me.

Brings me to tears, eliminates my fears…


By God, I am most fortunate,

To live in a place so close to heaven.


See why I share?

Smell the salt air?

Feel the wind in your hair?

Lovers Sunset

Ah… I do so love it here.

Featured images- Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, May 2017

©Judi Risser

Holy Week in Antigua…


It has taken me much longer to post pictures of my experience in Antigua during Semana Santa, or Holy Week.  I wondered how I might express everything I felt and absorbed.

For me, pics aren’t enough.  I guess I won’t make a good photographer/Journalist.

There is just so much missing, I have to let it out.

This is my only way…



Oh, your colours lure me

Into hidden spaces

I fall down many holes

At first, unperturbed

Until, I hear soft whimpers

Like puppy dogs

But, no, they are little children

Crying softly into the night

Lost beyond all sight…

Please, please, Guatemala!!

You must recover your missing children

Bring them back

From the hell they have been

Forced, coerced and sold into!

Yes, sold!

Beyond any and all humanity


Save the ones still left behind

From the wicked, within

Those high orphanage walls

You KNOW the ones!

Who shall ever sleep a solid wink

Until all the children have come home?

God Help Guatemala

Honor and love all her beautiful children

As children were meant to be

Nurtured and cherished

Valued and protected

Semana Santa!

A celebration of the movement of Christianity

Vibrancy, humility, pageantry

Still, it can’t hide the truth

Wafts of sadness curled around me

Like incense lit for procession

Choking, blinding me

The knowing, so heavy

An unbearable weight

The temperature, hot

But, blood runs cold

Through my veins

I fear, I shall never return

For, I could not bare to hear

One more person cry

For dead, dying and missing children


You have forever, seared my heart.


©Judi Risser


Why Guatemala is one of the worst places in the world to be a child

Guatemala Closes its Eyes to Rampant Sex Trafficking

At least 21 dead in fire at Guatemala children shelter






Why is Lunenburg so Bold, Bright and Beautiful?

Lunenburg is such an eclectic mix.

Some say even, hip.

Come, I’ll show you…


Many wonder why Bluenosers paint their houses such bright colors.

I’ve read that some believe it’s because of the fog.


What fog?


I’ve also heard, bright and bold colors welcome,

Friends, family and those, there, come-from-awayers.


Or, maybe color saturation is merely a bold attempt…

To illicit favouritism from You-Know-Who.


Perhaps, bright multi-colored coding is an ingenious mechanism,

For remembering tiny spaces Bluenosers move and squeeze houses, into.

“Homing beacon’ is that a Lunenburg term, I wonder?


Backwards or sideways?

What do you think?

It works though, right?


Like hummingbirds drawn to special flowers,

Their beautiful colors might simply just help Bluenosers find their way back home,

After one or two, too many…



As the sun sets, I make my way back around, and up the hill, again.


Is it possible that bright, bold colors,

Ward off spirits that may, or may not, lurk in dark shadows?

But even here, warm golden hues hold a certain je ne sais quoi…


As dusk turns to darkness,

I walk towards what I hope to be, answers.


As majestic at night as in, daylight.

Shouldn’t I learn something here,

Within the House of truth?


I knock and listen…

Are all lips are sealed?


No answer.  I turn away.

I walk back down towards the water, again.


As the evening draws to a close,

I come to realize that

Nary a soul will ever reveal the tale of how Lunenburg came to be,

So bold, so bright, so beautiful.

Don’t believe me?

Come… See for yourself.




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 ©Judi Risser We Are All Awakening

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Visit St John’s Anglican Church

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Visit Ironworks Distillery

She Calls…

I wanted so badly to just curl up and sleep the cold winter day away.

 Alas…no. I sensed her beckoning me.

“Come. See me. Be with me.”


Shivering in the briskness,

Marvelling at how I always respond to her call,

I followed her pulse, over icy terrain, along newly snow covered paths.


As the light changed in the afternoon sky,

She led me somewhere quite unusual.

Like a child, I ooh’d and ahh’d.


Oh my, what was I getting myself into?

How can it be, such places never fail to inspire me?

She knows me, so well.


Such interesting things,

In the most unusual spaces.

What would she know of my childhood fantasies, my imagined creations?


Is that laughter I hear?

 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Oh, dear.

 I shake my head, just the far off sounds of gulls, smiling down.

6th pic.jpg

Truth bumps cover my skin.

I shiver convulsively and try not to grin.

I remembered those days when I imagined myself somewhere else, far, far away…


It’s the smells, the shapes, the textures.

I’ll never get enough,

Of her sights and sounds.  My dreams abound…


She knows… I don’t want to leave but I am starting to freeze.

I linger…sighing deeply.

I whisper inaudibly, “please, never stop calling me.”


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 ©Judi Risser We Are All Awakening

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Through Winter’s Eyes…Beautiful Peggy’s Cove

Winter’s white blanket rises to meet a charged sky.
Form meets formless and delight in each other on icy shores.
Angularity awaits patiently, knowing all will be connected again by dawn’s early light.
Stand tall, proud and glowing from weathering time.
Sigh more deeply…  Nostalgia may be hidden, buried beneath all the layers.
Always, always read the fine print…
And, just breathe in… Everything.
© Judi Risser 
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Visit St John’s Anglican Church
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A Unique Place~North Cape, PEI

I’ve visited Price Edward Island many times, it’s a 300 km drive from Halifax, but I’ve never been here before…the most Northern tip of the island, North Cape.

There have been many a sunken ship due the a very long sand bar at the most northern tip of land beyond the cliff you see, below.


It was my daughter who encouraged me to go down to the base of the cliffs…Which would have been inaccessible if the tide was in. We were in luck!


So glad I followed her. There were lots of different crevices and this very interesting cave.


The Wind Institute of Canada is located at North Cape.  The area has beautifully maintained trails that go on for quite some time.  It was calm and so very peaceful.  It seems, at least while we were there the in middle of August, very few people actually ventured out along the trails and boardwalk. It was like we had the whole 380 acres to ourselves.

There are many wind mills, appearing to be a part of the landscape as opposed to detracting from it.

Perhaps it is because the skies are so amazing that one really cannot focus too long on the landscape. If the eyes aren’t looking down at the cliffs they can’t help but go up, and up and up… Something about those skies.

I have a thing for skies.


Walking to the soothing sounds of birds and squirrels always heals whatever aches.

On our way back we noticed many, many dragonflies.  They were the largest I’ve ever seen.

I was quite surprised that this one allowed me to get so close to take this shot until I tried to get a picture from the side.  It was then that I realize it was munching on an ant. It was quite fascinating to see a dragonfly devouring its prey.

The incredible things we get to experience in Nature just never amaze me. Had I not been there, I may never have been so close as to witness that.


When we returned from our exploration, we saw a tractor on the beach. I had never heard of Irish Moss Farming before coming here.  When the storms churn the waters, they toss the Irish Moss onto the shores. The harvesters head out to the beaches to collect their bounty. Sometimes harvesters use horses to gather the moss.


North Cape is a unique place with its own mystery.


Make a wish… To come here and feel its essence.


You won’t regret it….:)

© Judi Risser 

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