Off Highway, Journeys of Nova Scotia Writers

Hello, Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

Please accept my gratitude for your continued support in me, my writing and photography. Every time you tell me that you enjoy what I do here and with my Photography and Fine Art it propels me forward.  Your encouragement and feedback is fuel for my passion to share my experiences, both internal and external.  So much so, that I collaborated on an anthology with my Writers group. What an experience!

I have two pieces published in this book, a poem titled Metamorphosis and a true story about an experience exploring standing stones on the Isle of Arran, Scotland, titled Mystery, Mysticism or Just Me?  If you like my Diary of a Seeker series, you’ll love this story. And, no, that series is not completed. There are still many more days to go!  I am working on an addition to Day 12.

I would love to see you! Come out and help me and my fellow Evergreen Writers launch my first ever published book at Alderney Gate Public Library, main level, this coming Saturday, Dec 16th between 2-4pm.  You’ll hear interesting stories and poetry from an eclectic mix of great people. If you can’t make it for a signed copy, you can still buy the book online.  Just click the link below. And, have an awesome day.



Again, thank you for your amazing support.



Building an Empire

Step by step,

Breath by breath…


Once again,

I find myself

Peering up, down…


All around.

So much to see…

Where could you be?


Ah… There you are!

Silently waiting to see

What will I do, next.


Smiling, I sit.

I look around contentedly.

I see you’ve been…

Building an empire.

Treasure Protected

Piece by piece.

Tree by tree.

Treasure discovered

Sheltered, protected, treasured…

Stored away for a cold winters’ day.

Treasure Sheltered

Hidden in tiny crevices.

What utter cleverness!


And, now I’ll leave you

To your reverie…


Where you reign supreme

In tree top dreams.


Worry, not.

Your secrets are always safe with me.



Early morning at Sandy Lake Trail

Nova Scotia

©Judi Risser



A star never asks,

“Am I bright enough for others to see?”


A lion never worries,

“Am I fierce enough to make you flee?”


A tree never wonders,

“Am too wide, narrow, short or tall?”


An eagle never ponders,

“Should I be afraid of the deadly fall?”


Why question your you-ness?

Why not revel in the truth

You are perfect exactly as you are


As glorious as the glowing sun

As luminous as a full moon

As deep as the unfathomable sea

As innocent as a wild flower in bloom


As you, as a you, can ever be

You are here to be…

Exactly who you were meant to Be


You, you… Me, me

May we learn to never question

Our perfection.


©Judi Risser


Rediscovered 2


Featured Image- A beautiful rose and its companion, South Africa, April 2017

©Judi Risser






As the Sun dips to meet the water…
The whole world begins to glow.

Incapable of ignoring its shimmers…
I am beckoned to an exquisite light show.


©Judi Risser

Featured Image- Peggy’s Cove at Dusk

Rejection… no longer a weapon

Rejection 1 June 2017

©Judi Risser

If It Be True…

If it be true…


You are the air, I breathe

The food that nourishes me

The water that revitalizes

And, cleanses me.


If it be true…


You are everything

To, for and within me

You are… Me… Ah!

…Is it true?


If it be true…


There is no distinction… Unless

I make one… Unless

I fear me… Unless

I fear you.


If it be true…


You come in peace, in love, in light

Having only those given to you

All you shall ever receive… All you give

Is only that which you know…  You believe.


If it be true…


Love and peace are all you know

All you can ever give to me

All I receive… Must

Flow to, through, within me.


If it be true…


I am your passion

As you are my light

My love, my life

My resting place, my destiny.


If it be true…


I need look no further

I have everything I need

It, being revealed to me

I Am that, which asked me to believe.


Featured Image-  Crying Angel at Semana Santa Procession, Antigua, Guatemala, April 2017

©Judi Risser