What is Love?

Relationships…. Why are some so special?  My children, my parents, my friends…Why are these people more important to me than others? Would I not do the same things for and think the same ways of others as I do for those I am in special relationships with? No, I don’t… Why not? What if a … More What is Love?

Emotions As Talismans… What?

Emotions are gems, gifts… to ourselves.  To the world.  Each emotion, whether subtle in shade and tone or intensely vibrant, has purpose. We learn about ourselves, who we are, by feeling and understanding them.  As I contemplated the word, “emotions” the term, “Talisman” came to me.  So odd…  Even though I knew what Talisman meant, I had to check it out… … More Emotions As Talismans… What?