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As far back as I can remember, I’ve been an explorer.  At 2 and 3 I snuck out of the family home to go swimming in Lunenburg’s, back harbour.  It’s a great family tale… At 4 and 5 I ventured across the street into the woods and remember experiencing serenity in a meadow. Later, my favourite pastime was exploring the woods in my neighbourhood, examining vegetation, sitting in trees, listening to the different bird sounds. One time, I ran from a cat with a very long tail…I ran into a tree and sat for hours waiting… They say there are no Mountain Lions here, but I believe I saw one a long, long time ago.

Born in Halifax, I moved to the south shore with my family as an infant.  I returned to Halifax as a young adult, to work in nursing until I joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Medic.   I was posted back to Halifax, as a Training Development Officer with the Naval Engineering School, CFB Stadacona, in 2006. A few years after being medically released from the CF, my children now young adults, I felt the pull, the call… Yet, again.

While ‘soul searching’ in Africa, I discovered that it wasn’t my soul I’ve been was searching. In truth, my soul is being called out…to bear witness, to feel to love, to admire all.  Nature, animals, plants, insects, flowers, skies, clouds, water, landscapes.  My soul is nourishing itself with spiritual food. Every encounter with nature is an opportunity for soul nourishment.

My vision, or artistry, is born from a deep sense of gratitude for all life. I strive to be an accurate and artistic conduit, sharing my appreciation for God’s exquisite creations. My intention is to reveal the clarity, vulnerability, wisdom and beauty I experiences in nature, through my art.

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