A star never asks,

“Am I bright enough for others to see?”


A lion never worries,

“Am I fierce enough to make you flee?”


A tree never wonders,

“Am too wide, narrow, short or tall?”


An eagle never ponders,

“Should I be afraid of the deadly fall?”


Why question your you-ness?

Why not revel in the truth

You are perfect exactly as you are


As glorious as the glowing sun

As luminous as a full moon

As deep as the unfathomable sea

As innocent as a wild flower in bloom


As you, as a you, can ever be

You are here to be…

Exactly who you were meant to Be


You, you… Me, me

May we learn to never question

Our perfection.


©Judi Risser


2 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. You are so talented beautiful to read this one this morning I will share with my 21 yr old who at this age sruggles with theses issues .


    1. Hello Deborah, I hope your daughter finds strength in these words… I don’t know anyone who hasn’t struggled with ego issues, low self esteem, undervaluing oneself, low self-worth and feelings of being unloved and unloveable at some point in their lives. Myself included. It is part of the reason for our existence, isn’t it? To find our truth…that we are loved, loveable and pure love and to settle for nothing less. Sending love to you, both. Many blessings.


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