Treasures Untapped

Songbirds chirp in divine symphony

Lazy waves lap up the smooth sandy floor

Opaque liquid flows effortlessly

Between languishing orbs

Nestled, here, there and everywhere

Another Perspective

Cool winds rush through delicate extensions

Passionately tickling each unfurling leaf

Such bold strength

How do they manage to hang on?

Wait, I hear… Release… Ah


If only roses could sing!

Curls of wisdom and feathers of joy

Would burst forth… And

 Float down from exquisite milky white rings

Soul's Window

This place, by the sea

A special place, indeed.

Who would have thought

Seaweed, water, salt and rock…

Would feel so close to heaven?


A delicate place, a sacred space

Earths’ treasures untapped…

Gods’ grace unwrapped.


@Judi Risser


Photos taken with my iPhone…:)


A very special thank you to Wilma Stewart White who hosted the Annual Evergreen Writers Group Retreat.

Indian Point, Nova Scotia

11 July 2017


4 thoughts on “Treasures Untapped

  1. Your photos are so clear and colourful and beautiful Judi. I thought for sure that you got your camera back but I see that they were done with your iPhone. wow! love the toes!

    Liked by 2 people

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