Emotions As Talismans… What?

Emotions are gems, gifts… to ourselves.  To the world.  Each emotion, whether subtle in shade and tone or intensely vibrant, has purpose. We learn about ourselves, who we are, by feeling and understanding them.  As I contemplated the word, “emotions” the term, “Talisman” came to me.  So odd…  Even though I knew what Talisman meant, I had to check it out:


  1. 1:  an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune

  2. 2:  something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects


Could emotions be individualistic Talismans? Repeatedly, experts acknowledge that emotions are measurable energy waves.   Emotions have unique colours and densities associated with them. Emotions are tangible, like any other physical object.

I not only feel my own emotional energy, I often feel the energy of the emotions of others, too. Ever called someone at just the right time without having prior knowledge of any crisis or wonderful news to be among the first to hear of it?

Ever visited memorial sites, mass graves, walked over battle fields, cemeteries, ancient buildings, ruins or, consecrated spaces?  Ever sensed varying levels of energy still resonating in the space, years, centuries later? Like people, physical places and spaces hold emotional energy, too.

If not expressed and released, emotional energy is trapped. In physical form, the body moves through the world withholding its trapped energy, exuding inappropriate emotions at inappropriate times, eventually becoming mentally and physically ill from unacknowledged, unaccepted and unprocessed emotions.  Learn about your own individual energy signature here.

Emotions are serious business.  When learning to hold the space for them, emotions can act as powerful Talismans. Emotions as charms, bring us emotional beings, or Talisman owners, good fortune. Allow me to elaborate…

Sometimes, I respond to my emotions and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes, I response to the emotions of others and sometimes, I don’t.  Recently, I over-responded by feeling that I was being emotionally, or energetically, attacked by a dear friend.  Once I acknowledged and accepted my uncomfortable feelings, I was able to work through the experience.

I recognized that my dear friend was experiencing emotional chaos and not knowing what to do with it, the energy ricocheted around the room. Given my vulnerability at that moment, I allowed it to permeate and I responded, negatively. It wasn’t pretty… That morning, confusion, fear and anger were my Talismans.

Emotions are my guides.  They lead me to my truth, the truth of who and what I am.  When I allow myself to take the time to feel whatever has come to the surface, not to stuff or avoid my feelings, they become Talismans to address and avert continued unhealthy thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and situations.

My feelings, regardless of how I perceive them in the moment, always lead me to positive opportunities only when, I allow myself to feel what I am feeling and not judge myself for my feelings. I simply cannot help how I feel in the moment. But, I can see value in my feelings.  I can see each emotion as a charm, surfacing to help me avert the dangers of guilt, shame, self- degradation, embarrassment, self denial, anxiety, self injury.

In the situation with my friend, I felt I was being attacked because I felt my responses were being attacked. No matter what I said, my friend was not to be appeased.  I could not help. I was confused as to what was expected of me and that brought forth fear of not being or doing enough.

If not love, the only other primary feeling experienced,  is fear… Once my fear was activated, anger a secondary emotion was triggered. In the heat of the moment, I saw myself as I saw my responses. Rejected.  Confused, I automatically switched to operating from the ego-pilot. I became angry. Why engage me, or ask me questions if you don’t want to hear or value my responses? Or better yet, imply that I am wrong…

It was not the time to analyze my friends’ behaviour. Analyzing others is a waste of valuable time. I always need focus on myself… For only in seeing my true self, can I see others, more clearly.  Others are never at fault for my emotions.  Ever.

Only when I held a nonjudgemental space for my feelings could I determine what my emotions were and what triggered them.  I want to help people.  At best, I am empathetic, genuinely kind, caring and emotionally supportive.  At worst, arrogance surfaces… I make assumptions that people are incapable and need me to save them.

People don’t need that kind of self aggrandizing help. Sometimes, people just need ears with which to be heard. Sometimes, I forget that. If participating in conversations that feel like I am going in circles, I need remember, my input is not being solicited.

This experience was a reminder for me to check what level am I operating on…  An egotistical one?  Where, I think only I have the answers.  Or a loving one?  Where, I trust others are competent and capable.

Twinges of co-dependency still lurk in the shadows of my psyche.  I’m ok with this. I know that I will continue to be presented with opportunities to let go of wanting to be right, needed and liked.  I am grateful for yet another opportunity to see myself more clearly and how far I have come.

I choose not to self medicate or, shift blame.  When I avoid feeling my emotions, I over consume; I shop more, I eat more, I abuse substances.  I blame others for my feelings. Such diversions cause me to miss opportunities to get to know myself…the true me. The one who loves me… And, you. When I tap into my loving self, I operate on a much higher energy frequency or, level.  I become impermeable: incapable of being hurt, neglected or abused.

Emotions are energy Talismans. Emotions are sophisticated gems of opportunity leading each of us on our own journeys into self exploration, self discovery and self appreciation where we will achieve the truth about ourselves… Love ourselves with a capital L. Remember, emotions are serious stuff.

Self love reveals itself in reciprocating forms of abundance, be it, even greater love,  more support, better resources, greater kindness and unconditional compassion. All, miraculous effects leading to very good fortune, indeed.

Isn’t good fortune the purpose for a Talisman?



Featured Image- My friends, Mother and Son, April 2017


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