Holy Week in Antigua…


It has taken me much longer to post pictures of my experience in Antigua during Semana Santa, or Holy Week.  I wondered how I might express everything I felt and absorbed.

For me, pics aren’t enough.  I guess I won’t make a good photographer/Journalist.

There is just so much missing, I have to let it out.

This is my only way…



Oh, your colours lure me

Into hidden spaces

I fall down many holes

At first, unperturbed

Until, I hear soft whimpers

Like puppy dogs

But, no, they are little children

Crying softly into the night

Lost beyond all sight…

Please, please, Guatemala!!

You must recover your missing children

Bring them back

From the hell they have been

Forced, coerced and sold into!

Yes, sold!

Beyond any and all humanity


Save the ones still left behind

From the wicked, within

Those high orphanage walls

You KNOW the ones!

Who shall ever sleep a solid wink

Until all the children have come home?

God Help Guatemala

Honor and love all her beautiful children

As children were meant to be

Nurtured and cherished

Valued and protected

Semana Santa!

A celebration of the movement of Christianity

Vibrancy, humility, pageantry

Still, it can’t hide the truth

Wafts of sadness curled around me

Like incense lit for procession

Choking, blinding me

The knowing, so heavy

An unbearable weight

The temperature, hot

But, blood runs cold

Through my veins

I fear, I shall never return

For, I could not bare to hear

One more person cry

For dead, dying and missing children


You have forever, seared my heart.


©Judi Risser


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