A Powerful Confirmation Tool~Synchronicity

Yesterday morning, I was driving east on highway 102 to meet a friend.  Somewhere between exits 4 and 5, I looked up into the sky and noticed what looked like streaks coming from far off clouds.  Snow? Rain? I wondered.  We were meeting to look at a house I thought she might be interested in.  I also wondered where we might go, and what I might capture with my camera which in turn made me think about the bald eagle.

Often times, when I am off on one of my adventures, exploring, a bald eagle flies right over my head.  I have always found that there is something very powerful and majestic about the bald eagle. I don’t have a good enough camera to capture their beauty yet, but I “ooh’ and “aw”just the same. Sometimes, I have this feeling that they show up just for me. I can’t share them so, maybe…

At the precise moment that the thought that perhaps I might see a bald eagle was completed, I looked over to my left and there it was! Sitting on top of something dark brown, maybe black, was a full grown bald eagle.  I couldn’t believe it! It was sitting on the side of the road stock-still….waiting.

Eyes narrowing, forgetting I was driving, I slowed down and said a few very colourful words.  I won’t repeat them. Use your imagination, I’m sure you won’t be far off. The sitting eagle was only about 3 metres away, the width of one highway lane. It was huge.  Whatever it was sitting on, clutching, was somewhat smaller than it.

Waiting for me… Waiting for me?  I am still in a state of awe at how incredibly amazing that was. I no sooner thought of the bald eagle and there it was…right in my line of sight, at my eye level! I couldn’t miss it!

When I shared the experience with my friend she suggested that I was freaked out over how fast I manifest things in my life. She is so right it!  It is amazing to think about things and have them happen in time like, when you think of a friend and within a day to two, they call you.  These ‘synchronistic events’ are happening more and more quickly, which I find more than a little, unsettling.

Synchronicity is defined by many as the universe’s way of showing us that we are on the right path. The more I observe, the more I intuitively know that the universe has amazing plans for each one of us.  Most times, however, we think and imagine too small for ourselves.  We are so limited in our vision for ourselves and, for others.  We stay stuck in old thought patterns and beliefs where we find ourselves more comfortable. But, comfortable has finally become, uncomfortable.


Many of us fail to experience synchronicity because we are stuck either in the past or future. I am choosing to be present, to focus on the here and now.  Meaning, that when I find myself switching to ‘ego-pilot,’ lamenting my past or having anticipatory or anxious thoughts about the future, I stop myself and take back control.  I am choosing to be open, to take everything as it comes and to let go, bit by bit, of my own self-limiting beliefs and expectations.  This helps me to feel less restricted.

We need embrace our limitlessness.

Manifestation is a powerful and very real consequence of our own energetic abilities or, energy signatures.  See more on that in a post titled, What’s Your Energy Signature?  I have learned that I must be very careful about what I think about because, yes, I can also manifest those things I don’t want, and fear. The ways I used to think explains how I drew to myself all my past relationship issues, financial problems and personality complexities. As I take responsibility and accountability for my life I can now admit that I manifested them all for one reason or another.

Today, when I think of things that I do not want in my life or things I fear for a loved one, because sometimes, I still default to ego-pilot, I remind myself that whatever I fear or imagine is not going to happen and I switch to a positive thought for myself or, for my loved one. It is a form of self-directed cognitive behaviour therapy.  Everyone is capable of changing the way they think. Everyone.

Yesterday morning was clear confirmation.  Interrupting the ego-pilot and staying open by embracing a sense of limitlessness is becoming a more comfortable fit. I am excited to see what, where or who, I manifest next… 😉

Have any synchronicity stories you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear them.


Please feel free to like, share and comment…:)



 ©Judi Risser We Are All Awakening



4 thoughts on “A Powerful Confirmation Tool~Synchronicity

  1. Great article. I can relate to it so well but have taken it for granted. I am afraid and can’t think of any specific instances but after reading this I am going to start keeping notes. I do know that when I go in my filing cabinet and take notice of a particular client I have not seen in a while, they usually show up at my office soon afterward.

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    1. Thank you, Gwen. Your example does show the power in your thoughts and that you are, on some level, conscious of it. Isn’t it liberating to know we truly are only as limited as we believe ourselves to be?

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