I hide, I evade and yes, I damn well lie

But it keeps coming back

In the periphery of my mind’s eye

More invasively every fucking time … More Mmmmmadness



I am. That, I am. The

Plant that nurtures the bean, the

Cane who declares itself sweet, the

Fire that brews up heavy steam, the

Spoon whose urge is to stir… … More Defined

Why is Lunenburg so Bold, Bright and Beautiful?

Lunenburg is such an eclectic mix. Some say even, hip. Come, I’ll show you… Many wonder why Bluenosers paint their houses such bright colors. I’ve read that some believe it’s because of the fog. Fog? What fog? I’ve also heard, bright and bold colors welcome, Friends, family and those, there, come-from-awayers. Or, maybe color saturation is … More Why is Lunenburg so Bold, Bright and Beautiful?