I hide, I evade and yes, I damn well lie

But it keeps coming back

In the periphery of my mind’s eye

More invasively every fucking time

It hurts so damned much

The anger, the disgust

My own breach of self trust

What will it take…

To make it all go away?

Who will come sweep up the pieces

When I crumble? Break? Disintegrate?

Lie, scattered all over the floor

Broken open… Exposed to my very core?

What do I do, to be free?

From everything it should have never been

Accept it for the madness it was…I must!

Forgive myself

I need no longer give in

To an age old, primitive lust.


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I am.  That, I am. The

Plant that nurtures the bean, the

Cane who declares itself sweet, the

Fire that brews up heavy steam, the

Spoon whose urge is to stir…

Dark flavours that demand to be poured

The cup that nudges a soft and subtle lip

I am the thought that is passed

When you smile, the

Warmth of the hand

At your caress, the sumptuous

Heat that you feel, and

 Ardently taste, yes

Those lips… I am

The words that you say

No… Confess, I am

The threads that you slowly unravel

Or… Tie, after escapes, white intense light

When you feel a tear, and

inaudibly, hear

“Oh, yes… Please…Again… I am”

The spark that ignites

Internal delights, I am

Beyond any and all doubt, yours

As you are mine. Forever

We are… Divinely



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 ©Judi Risser We Are All Awakening


Why is Lunenburg so Bold, Bright and Beautiful?

Lunenburg is such an eclectic mix.

Some say even, hip.

Come, I’ll show you…


Many wonder why Bluenosers paint their houses such bright colors.

I’ve read that some believe it’s because of the fog.


What fog?


I’ve also heard, bright and bold colors welcome,

Friends, family and those, there, come-from-awayers.


Or, maybe color saturation is merely a bold attempt…

To illicit favouritism from You-Know-Who.


Perhaps, bright multi-colored coding is an ingenious mechanism,

For remembering tiny spaces Bluenosers move and squeeze houses, into.

“Homing beacon’ is that a Lunenburg term, I wonder?


Backwards or sideways?

What do you think?

It works though, right?


Like hummingbirds drawn to special flowers,

Their beautiful colors might simply just help Bluenosers find their way back home,

After one or two, too many…



As the sun sets, I make my way back around, and up the hill, again.


Is it possible that bright, bold colors,

Ward off spirits that may, or may not, lurk in dark shadows?

But even here, warm golden hues hold a certain je ne sais quoi…


As dusk turns to darkness,

I walk towards what I hope to be, answers.


As majestic at night as in, daylight.

Shouldn’t I learn something here,

Within the House of truth?


I knock and listen…

Are all lips are sealed?


No answer.  I turn away.

I walk back down towards the water, again.


As the evening draws to a close,

I come to realize that

Nary a soul will ever reveal the tale of how Lunenburg came to be,

So bold, so bright, so beautiful.

Don’t believe me?

Come… See for yourself.




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 ©Judi Risser We Are All Awakening

Visit Lunenburg

Visit St John’s Anglican Church

Visit Lunenburg Academy

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