On Winning the Lotto

He said, “I need to win the lotto. I want to enjoy life instead of work all year for 3 weeks off. So much I would like to see and do. Plus work on myself mentally, spirituality and health.”

She said, “It’s a matter of perspective really. I believe our lives are all about living to heal ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually. These things can all be done while still working. It’s in our work environment where we practice our new healthy techniques and tools that we learn.

I ask myself what would make me happy? And then I work on doing those things… it’s not the money it’s the feeling and experiences we think come from the money. For some, money speaks to freedom and abundance. We are all already free, and abundant in all things.

The problem is that most of us don’t know we have a choice in how we perceive our world. Live with the belief we are free, be free. Live with the belief that we have abundance in our lives… and it comes. Believe it and it automatically is there.

But, we must be grateful for all that we have in this minute. No gratitude, no appreciation for what we already have, so why should we have any more?


*Shared with permission*

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 ©Judi Risser We Are All Awakening



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