I wanted so badly to just curl up and sleep the cold winter day away.

 Alas…no. I sensed her beckoning me.

“Come. See me. Be with me.”


Shivering in the briskness,

Marvelling at how I always respond to her call,

I followed her pulse, over icy terrain, along newly snow covered paths.


As the light changed in the afternoon sky,

She led me somewhere quite unusual.

Like a child, I ooh’d and ahh’d.


Oh my, what was I getting myself into?

How can it be, such places never fail to inspire me?

She knows me, so well.


Such interesting things,

In the most unusual spaces.

What would she know of my childhood fantasies, my imagined creations?


Is that laughter I hear?

 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Oh, dear.

 I shake my head, just the far off sounds of gulls, smiling down.

6th pic.jpg

Truth bumps cover my skin.

I shiver convulsively and try not to grin.

I remembered those days when I imagined myself somewhere else, far, far away…


It’s the smells, the shapes, the textures.

I’ll never get enough,

Of her sights and sounds.  My dreams abound…


She knows… I don’t want to leave but I am starting to freeze.

I linger…sighing deeply.

I whisper inaudibly, “please, never stop calling me.”


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 ©Judi Risser We Are All Awakening

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