Finding Reciprocity… in Grand Pre



A tree of life resting, recycling, rejoicing.

What else is a Canadian winter for, eh?

We have so much to learn from a tree…

Wouldn’t you agree?


A mesmerizing murmuration!

Moving, swaying, curving, pitching, rushing, ascending, landing.

Not just an amazing mobile sculpture, but

A community of collaborators.

Protecting, nurturing and guiding.

Supporting each other is a beautiful thing.

Just watch the starlings.


There is more to a tree than just the tree.

There’s what lives inside the tree…

Small furry and feathered creatures.

There’s what lives on the tree…

Plants, fungus and a myriad of insects.

A tree is more that just a tree.

A tree is its own beautiful, thriving community.


Darling Evangeline, you are a reminder to live as the starlings,

In collaboration and support.

And, to live as the trees,

Remembering to rest and rejuvenate.

Creating only love and peace as we move forward

With grace and blessings, in community.


I’ll take my cue from the king of the skies.

Freedom is a right.

Let me soar as long, as fast, as high as I like.

When I tire, I shall have a soft, comfortable place to land.

For when I share with and care about others, I receive the same.

Friend, let us enjoy our reciprocity, together.


©  Judi Risser 

Visit Grand Pre National Historic Site of Canada


2 thoughts on “Finding Reciprocity… in Grand Pre

  1. Lovely Judi! So well stated and lovely!

    On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 6:29 PM, We Are All Awakening wrote:

    > Judi Risser posted: ” Featured > images- Starlings, and Bald Eagles of Nova Scotia. Exporing Grand Pre, Nova > Scotia.” >


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