On… Storms

We’ve had snow storms here 2 of 3 days this weekend.

But, I’ve also had a few other things brewing…

I had to get outside for clear, fresh air.

There were very few people out today.

This is good, I thought.

I listen better when there are fewer distractions.


As I continued along, I veered off the trail as, I so often do.


I noticed things, like homes and shelter for animals.


I saw different forms of sustenance and nourishment.


And, hope…in inclement weather.


Hmmm…this made me think.


What was the message I was to hear today?


As I was walking out of the woods, I noticed the free flowing water.

And, the community of ducks.img_9718

Yesterday, I stopped to see the ducks in a completely different area.

What is going on with me and ducks?



I am being taught, yet another lesson.

Source was showing me, via Mother Nature, that we are always provided with all things necessary for our development.

Sustenance, food, water, shelter, community and yes, even hope.

And, there will always be storms, for they help us in unique ways.


But remember, storms too, shall pass.

And, the sun will shine again.

It is natural for the world to take care of us and unnatural for us to fear that it won’t.

Thank you, Mother Nature.

Featured Images- First Lake, Sackville and Shore Drive, Bedford Nova Scotia

© Jan 2017  Judi Risser All Rights Reserved


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