Why ask what I do?

Who cares what I do?

Does my work define me to you?


Will you come to know me better

When you find out what work I do?

What can a label tell about me, him, her or you?


From a title, a role or a phrase on a scroll?


Letters reveal absolutely nothing at all.

Why not ask my what I like to do?

Or, better still

Ask me what gives me a real thrill!


Ask me what sorts of things

I love to read, see, hear, touch, smell and feel

Why ask what job I do?


Look into my eyes

See me, please care…

Take a deep breath…prepare to see me bare.


I bleed, I dream, I desire, I smile, I cry

Just like you

What can you tell about me from the work I might do?

Ask me how I feel

Wait for my response

It’s not the job that’s real.


When you care

You will know a little something about me

Something that matters


By asking me how I am

And, listening to me, too

Yes, we must go through this again.


Because, it shows you care

Thank you

 I care too.


I may not know you

But, I care about you

Yes, yes I do.


How are you feeling today?

And don’t tell me about your work

I want to hear about you.


Tell me what makes you smile

Laugh, cry and ache

Tell me what you really love…

To touch, feel

Smell, see hear

And, create.


Thank you for sharing a piece of you, and

Please know that,

I really do care about you.



Featured image- Northern Coast, the Highlands of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

© Dec 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved