Mind Shifting…on Remembering My Joy

I was lying in bed, it was barely light outside. Before my feet touched the floor this morning, I asked myself: “What will bring me joy today?”  A softly whispered response…”The beach.”


For me, there is something so soothing about the beach.  Even though it is winter here in Nova Scotia, I never tire of the landscapes’ variation in colors, textures and smells, especially, on a day like today, -7 Celsius, overcast and grey.


I crunched my way down the path noticing only one other set of boot tracks before me this morning. I do see lots of animal prints. This makes me smile.

The sun was barely visible up in the hazy sky.

For me, Joy comes from a variety of experiences.  Some of my Joy is derived from how my senses and emotions are affected.  The other part of the experience is what is heard in the quietness. Yes, it’s a process…

The smells of salt air and seaweed, the sounds of waves crashing, gulls crying off in the distance, all anchored me to the earth.  My aroused senses, helped me to recognize how connected I am to the elements.

I opened myself up to the moment.  I saw things I’ve never seen before and, if I have, I saw them in a new way.  Such as these rocks, many of the rocks were covered in ice. In all my years of going to the beach, I don’t recall ever seeing this, or noticing it, at least the way I did this morning.




It was a beautiful sight to see, completely different from my visits there during other seasons.

As I gazed down the shore line, I noticed that the tip of the peninsula looked different.

It was then that I remembered that all things change, no thing is permanent.  Such is the case with our own desires, and wishes.

While walking slowly over snow covered rocks, “Have patience” is what settled in my heart.  “Have patience for what is truly best for me, wait and it will come to me.”

As everything changes all around me, the landscape, my body, other people, places and things, I remember that there so very little that remains constant on this earth.

Ah… and here it is, in the silence, here is one thing that never changes: Love.

And, at that very moment, I felt wrapped in Love. Soothed, secure and nourished in Love.

Love is the only thing in this universe that is constant.  Remembering this brought me Joy.  Joy is remembering this Love.

Tomorrow morning ask yourself, before you get out of bed: “What will bring me joy?”




IPhotography- Cleveland Beach, NS, Canada

© Dec 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved




4 thoughts on “Mind Shifting…on Remembering My Joy

  1. A beautiful post and photos Judi. Sometimes we all need to remember to find joy in life and in the small things. I found you through the Maritime Amateur Photography page on FB. 🙂 Have a beautiful day. Pam


    1. Hello Pam, thank you for your lovely comments. I am happy you enjoyed the message, my post and photos. I hope you have a lovely day, too. Take good care…:)


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