One early morning, while seeking comfort

I searched deeper and deeper within

In a moment of anticipation and awe

I realized that I was not really alone

It became even more clear

My God, who else was here?


To my fascination and delight

I saw my ageless face smiling from deep within

No, not a dream, it was beyond lucid, beyond real

Glowing, opaque and translucent

I teared and smiled back

Magnificently beautiful, I am truly eternal.


Inside each and every one of us

Is a precious being of light

Forever ignited, forever delighted

Never fear, it speaks so clear

Words are never needed

As you will soon hear once your heart ears have been cleared.


Now, I know these intuitions and inclinations

To come from deep within,

From innocence and purity

To be trusted and forever respected

To be sought and valued beyond all other voices

To be my own guiding source, for my own unique course.


Alas, I felt no fear

I finally saw my true image

In spiritual truth, my being of light is always accessible

My higher consciousness, the highest form of me

Divine energy, incalculable wisdom

Rendering scholarly and academic questing so very unnecessary.


Powerful beyond imagination

Courageous above all warriors

Beauty greater than any sight of earthly delight

The deepest feeling of love, pure white, the brightest sight

All this, came from deep within me

Right from the source, known only as my divine light.


I am forever grateful for connecting, this early morning

At the moment of my deep introspection, I knew the true me

My light has only the highest course set for me

Often I shall walk it, seemingly alone

Apart from my friends and family, this I accept, this I already know

In comfort and solace, I know I am forever guided by my own divine soul.


While here in this form

I shall always choose ways to be open, to be honest

To speak truth from my heart, my core, my soul

To care, to prepare

To continuously practice my mission

And, clearly articulate my vision.


A vision, that one day soon

Every single soul on earth shall communicate with great ease

That all humankind shall learn the same beautiful language

A new universal language known as The Silence of Eternal Loving Peace

I pray that perhaps one day soon

This vision shall also become your mission.


© Aug 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved