I am only protecting myself

I am barely surviving

I am not a criminal

Soon, you will see

There is no reason to murder me


Don’t kill me.


I have a family to care for

I have my young, my partner

You have a family too

Can you not respect what I am trying to do?

I am just like you


Don’t kill me.


I have a commitment to the planet

To live and do what I do, naturally

I help keep the cycles in our ecosystems strong

If I die, so too, does the natural order of our planet

If our planet suffers, so too, do you


Don’t kill me.


What will happen when we disappear?

Will you regret you actions?

Will you feel guilt and remorse?

Will you blame another for all the pain, death and destruction you cause?

Will you see what you reap when you sow what you do?


Don’t kill me.


You blame me

But you are killing them, too

Stop the shooting, poisoning, pillaging and plundering

Stop doing what you do

Now, I am dying, can you not see what you must do


Don’t kill me.



~On behalf of the Judah wolf~

© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved

This poem was inspired by the plight of the wolves being killed by shooting from helicopters, bait poisoning and by tagging one wolf, the Judah Wolf, and when it returns to its pack they are hunted down and murdered, except for the Judah Wolf.  Once the Judah Wolf finds a new family these are all found from the tracking method and they are killed, as well.  

This is termed “Wolf Culling” and this form of murder has been authorized by both the BC and Alberta governments. This practice has not helped the population of the declining Caribou…The Caribou are dying because of human oil and forestry industry development, not wolves. But the practice continues.