My teacher prepared my lessons for me

Offering gifts of courage, strength

Virtue and integrity.


I never did the homework

I often showed up late

I was an unwilling participate

In my own fate.


Something beyond me

Grounded me

Surrounded me

Knew what I needed.


Sent all the right teachers

All the right preachers

Administering only the strongest

Most painful of treatments.


Oh, how my chest would heave

I wanted to run

I begged, I pleaded…

Please, oh please, why won’t you just leave?


Forced to feel all the emotions

No longer avoiding

No more suppressing

Or, second guessing.


My teacher, my lover, my friend

You were only showing me

Things I never wanted to see

Simply, by showing up.


An unconscious pact with my teacher

To show me….Me

Self-projecting….is this crazy?

No, it’s amazing!


The fearful

The arrogant

The victim

The angry.


I see me, in you

I forgive me, in you

I love me, in you

I am you.


Yes, we had a pact

Before ever meeting, in fact

You were assigned to me

And, I to you.


Thank you,

My teacher, my lover, my friend

For all the tests, the trials

The tribulations, again.


It is said: ‘When the student is ready

The teacher shall appear’

So, where are you now

New teacher, my dear?



Featured Image- Cleveland Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Also see a personal favourite, Parable of the Little Soul, by Neal Donald Walsch- http://www.sapphyr.net/largegems/littlesoul-thesun.htm

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