Beautiful Sun

A wispy flower smiles, sneaking a peek, such adoration.

The birch tree stretches its arms, reaching up high, exhaling a tender loving sigh.

The waters glisten and shimmer within your view, such a sparkling exhibition, it’s all for you.

Furry and naked creatures alike, bask in you, in utter delight!

As I walk, talk, smile, cry and laugh with you, I feel a soothing, gentle loving warmth.

I am surrounded, nurtured and loved.

Each time I see you, I know beauty.

Yes, I know sweet serenity.

The clouds in the evening sky fade away as, you slowly disappear from view.

The beautiful sunsets that you bring, summon the angels to fly down and sing.

Everything seems lighter, brighter and clearer when you are near.

I never tire of your gentle glow.

Stay, please don’t go.

In fear, the darkness can brings me to tears.

As night falls, I remind myself that you are never very far.

Feeling blessed it the knowing, I shall revel in your presence, glowing.

A bright light, a shining star.

Your warmth, your light, your essence…

Loneliness and fears dissipate each time you reappear.

Every morning I feel renewed.

A divine gift, a wonderment, a glistening action.

Whenever you are near I feel a quiet and immeasurable happiness.

You, who gives and gives, requiring nothing in return.

The amazing…blazing one…

You, our beautiful sun.

© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved

Featured Image-Sand Dollar Beach, Rose Bay, Nova Scotia. Nov 2015


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