What’s Your Energy Signature? Part I

We were all created from one thought.  Our thoughts ore than just in our heads, they create detectable energy.  Energy is what makes up the planet. It is what we are all made of.  In essence, energy is a collection of vibrations and is either a series of low vibrations or high vibrations, or somewhere in between.

Each one of us is a big ball of energy. Our energy levels reflect our levels of consciousness. The higher our energy vibrations, the more we are functioning on a higher level of consciousness. The lower our vibrations, the lower our level of consciousness. Our individual level of consciousness defines our own energy signature.

When we are running around trying to keep bills paid, deadlines met, kids to and from various places, consistently exhausted, over worked and stressed, what energy vibes are we emitting?  More specifically, what level of consciousness are we functioning from?

What is your energy signature?

As an example, consider the last time you walked into a room when people we having an argument.  You could actually feel what we call “tension.”  Right?  Emotions and characteristics derived from fear emit low energy vibrations. These are, but are not limited to, anger, frustration, pessimism, sarcasm, cynicism, rage, confusion, fearfulness, anxiousness, dishonesty, apprehensiveness and judgementalness.

Consider the last person you came into contact with that was really, really chill. So relaxed, their very presence made you calmer.  They had a higher energy signature than you, at that moment.  The higher ones’ vibrations the more content and serene one is. High energy vibrations have a beautiful ripple effect on its surroundings, be they people, plants or animals.

A high energy signature is a result of living love-based.  Emotions and activities borne from love such as, and not limited to, kindness, patience, compassion, gentleness, vulnerability, honesty, serenity and creativity all emit higher energy vibrations.

We are so intricately connected with each other that we are drawn to our own likeness in energy signatures.  Because of our energetic connectedness we will alter our own energy vibrational level to match that of the person we are with.  We will also match the energy level of the space we are occupying.  Energy within spaces, places, communities and nations all have its own signature, or vibrational level, as well.

This summer, I visited one of the Swissair Flight 111 Memorial Sites, located in Bayswater, NS, with a  friend.  She told me that she felt overwhelmed by the energy, in fact it was stifling to her and made it hard for her to breathe whenever she went there.  When we got out of the car and walked up to the memorial site, I too felt a heaviness.  I was conflicted about that place for quite awhile until I went back one day by myself.

Alone, I walked through the path to the Memorial Site. I imaged the loved ones being there, consumed with various stages of grief. Grief is a process that entails many fear based emotions such as sadness, loss, anger, rage and denial.  All of these emotions emit very low energy vibrations.   The poem Release  describes this experience in greater detail  at the Memorial Site.

Every place all over the world has its own energy signature.  In addition to each space having it own energy signature, people direct their emotions to particular places and create what we call an particular feeling or ambiance.  The larger the group of people emitting similar energy vibrations, the stronger the energy signature.

Communities, even countries, have their own energy signatures, be they higher or lower. Energy signatures define their collective consciousness. Every collective consciousness functions at a higher level or a low level, or somewhere in between.

When one becomes aware of low energy levels and their vibrational sources, these spaces can be neutralized and elevated in a variety of ways. Smudging is a highly effective mechanism for neutralizing and increasing energy levels in a space such as a home, office or outdoor area.  Also, Reiki, a healing modality based on healing energy ideology is highly effective in healing people, animals, homes and spaces. Tonglen exercises based on the Buddhist way of a compassionate heart can also be practiced to release fear based emotions at the personal and collective levels.

You’ve heard that saying? “Misery loves company.” Well, it is vey true.  Low vibrational energy attracts low vibrational energy and high attracts higher vibrations. As we’ve discussed, people tend to be attracted to their own vibrational levels.

Many people are not aware of these energy vibrations.  Others are aware but don’t understand why they feel uncomfortable in certain places or with certain people. Those of us who are sensitive, consciously awakening, notice these energy vibrations. The more awake one is to their higher consciousness the more intensely these energy vibrations or signatures are sensed.

Once we are aware of how energy affects us, we can more diligently look after ourselves, thereby minimizing the impact low energy has on each of us. We all have choices in how we live and care for ourselves and our loved ones. As our energy signatures increase, fear based emotions decrease, stress is reduced and even eliminated. We become consistently much happier.

Improve Your Energy Signature in 5 Easy Activities:

1. Recognize that those who are not perceptive of their own low energy vibrations are functioning on a lower level of consciousness.  Be patient, loving and compassionate. Your patience and compassion will increase your energy vibrations and will affect your loved one positively, as well.

2.  Limit the amount of time spent with those on lower energy levels. We all have choices.  We have a right to choose who we spend our valuable time with.

3.  Seek out higher vibrational people.  We learn from their loved based natures.  This simple connectivity helps to improve and maintain our own Energy Signature.

4.  Mentally surround yourself with a protective energy blanket.  The colors blue, purple and white are often used for this purpose as they denote colors for protection.

5. Limit the type of music you listen to. What you subject your senses to affects your mood.  When you are sad, angry or fearful listen to soothing and uplifting music or podcasts.

Look for How to Elevate Your Energy Signature~ Part II


© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved


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