Please, Don’t…


Don’t cut down this tree

It is my home

My babies are up there.


There is no other place to go

You have taken away all the other places

In which to stay.



don’t cut down this tree

You will kill my young

My heart will break.


Soon, when all the trees are gone

All, will have come undone.


You’ll hear, no more

Morning songs in earnest

See, no soaring eagles in flight

There will be no more majestic skies,

In which to delight.


Life will become forever changed

For you, my friend

Because, this shall be

The beginning, of the end.



Don’t cut down this tree.

Forewarned the Robin in despair…


© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved

Featured Image- Pond in Mabou, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.


A Unique Place~North Cape, PEI

I’ve visited Price Edward Island many times, it’s a 300 km drive from Halifax, but I’ve never been here before…the most Northern tip of the island, North Cape.

There have been many a sunken ship due the a very long sand bar at the most northern tip of land beyond the cliff you see, below.


It was my daughter who encouraged me to go down to the base of the cliffs…Which would have been inaccessible if the tide was in. We were in luck!


So glad I followed her. There were lots of different crevices and this very interesting cave.


The Wind Institute of Canada is located at North Cape.  The area has beautifully maintained trails that go on for quite some time.  It was calm and so very peaceful.  It seems, at least while we were there the in middle of August, very few people actually ventured out along the trails and boardwalk. It was like we had the whole 380 acres to ourselves.

There are many wind mills, appearing to be a part of the landscape as opposed to detracting from it.

Perhaps it is because the skies are so amazing that one really cannot focus too long on the landscape. If the eyes aren’t looking down at the cliffs they can’t help but go up, and up and up… Something about those skies.

I have a thing for skies.


Walking to the soothing sounds of birds and squirrels always heals whatever aches.

On our way back we noticed many, many dragonflies.  They were the largest I’ve ever seen.

I was quite surprised that this one allowed me to get so close to take this shot until I tried to get a picture from the side.  It was then that I realize it was munching on an ant. It was quite fascinating to see a dragonfly devouring its prey.

The incredible things we get to experience in Nature just never amaze me. Had I not been there, I may never have been so close as to witness that.


When we returned from our exploration, we saw a tractor on the beach. I had never heard of Irish Moss Farming before coming here.  When the storms churn the waters, they toss the Irish Moss onto the shores. The harvesters head out to the beaches to collect their bounty. Sometimes harvesters use horses to gather the moss.


North Cape is a unique place with its own mystery.


Make a wish… To come here and feel its essence.


You won’t regret it….:)

© Judi Risser 

Visit North Cape PEI

Visit North Cape Interpretive Centre

Check out Irish Moss Harvesting

My Friend

As I hugged you tighter and tighter,

I felt you drifting further and further away.

You were being pulled along by your river of tears,

drowning in a torrent of fears.

I sensed your anxiety bubbling to the surface.

What was the purpose?

Your pure essence barely visible, sinking and gasping for air.

I was so moved by your attempts at self control.

Such sorrow.

Just let it go.

Silently, I asked your pain, fears and anxiety to seek refuge in my heart of compassion.

Having nowhere to flee,

that heavy black mass sought refuge in me.

While I quietly embraced you with love and compassion,

the flood of thick, black water finally began to subside…

Ever so slowly.

Courageously, unabatedly, you shared your truth with me.

My light honoured your vulnerability,

clothed your bare soul and smiled into your heart eyes.

And, each time I entrusted your rightful gifts back to you, you calmed.

As you let go of everything that no longer served you,

fear, sorrow and pain released,

you must have known that I would have held you until you were able to see yourself.

As truth, love and peace.

A shining light, innocence and purity, is the only way I know you, my beautiful friend.

As we broke apart, you said you felt lighter and laughed.

What beautiful music!

I saw your inner glow re-ignite

You’ve come home, at last.

With tears of my own

I welcomed you back.

Featured Image- Clam Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved