You who bear your teeth

Make squealing sounds, point things at me… In awe

Witness me pace, this small constrictive space… I am

Your prisoner on display


What is this madness…


That you must contain us?

A hunter, in need of space, in which to roam… I was

Abducted, violently from my home… You

Have my body, my head… The truth


 I’d be better off dead… Because, now I am alone


What purpose does my captivity serve you?

You, you are odd beings, stealing from the world

Animals, plants, rocks… The very earth!

Everything found, foraged, purchased, can never be owned


Everything has it’s perfect place…


Every living creature… Rock, shell, feather

Each, its own space

We all belong to our rightful place

No creation exists for the taking


Like you, I have every right to live…


Free, at peace, encumbered, at ease

You do whatever strikes you… Sadly

It’s all too late… Comes at a deadly cost

My life is, forever tied to your fate


Each time you feel constrained, bound and surreal…


Think of me, observing you

From behind a twelve foot fence

No, it wasn’t you who put me here… But

Each time you pay, my freedom is delayed… Please listen


Never come here again, this place is an Aberration.



Featured Image- Lioness in her natural habitat,  Limpopo, South Africa, April 2017

©Judi Risser


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