Blue Rocks… The World’s Rocky Gem

Blue Rocks is one of the most famously painted and photographed

communities in all the world.

Artists aim to capture its colourfulness, eloquence and serenity.

Can one really duplicate grace, eternity? No…

The Shack SIgned

Come with me to Blue Rocks to truly experience its voice, its soulfulness.

Sunlight beams, sparkle and dance on salt water. Vibrancy abounds.

Fish shacks and out buildings are nestled on rocks, in fields here, there and everywhere.

Each unique, any combination of color, location and stature.

DSC_1414 2

The sky is almost always delightful.

Deep hues of blue, woo in attempts to nuzzle and cuddle soft billows

Of pure innocent white tuffs moving across its vast expanse.

Shifting, reshaping, always escaping.


Underneath thr Bridge

Imagine the morning, calm salty breezes blowing, caressing warm sun-kissed skin.

Gliding languishly around the many, many islands revealing the beautiful a shore line.

Taking a cue from the deer swimming from one island to the next.

The perfect place

On the water, is the only authentic way to experience this uniquely soulful space.

Returning, completely filled to the brim with beautiful visions and memories that will last  your life time.

You’ll desire to come back again, and again.

Bring your camera, words never quite capture her perfection.


One cannot help but connect to the sea, the salt, the magnificence, the energy.

Breathe in some the most beautiful scents in all the world.

White and pink wild roses grow on rocks, in crags, in the most unusual of places.

“You will always feel at home, no matter how far you’ve come.

It’s a true trait of a Soulful Space.”


© Judi Risser 


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3 thoughts on “Blue Rocks… The World’s Rocky Gem

  1. Judi, the pictures, the words, the thoughts… just awesome. Your work is inspirational and very thought-provoking. You cease to amaze (and surprise) me with your many previously untapped talents, your energy, your zeal, your passion… And your energy. Thank you for sharing all (and yourself) so freely! Carry on.


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