Oh, I forgive thee
My heart seeping, bleeding, almost empty
The paralyzing fear, when would it end, alone yet again
Excruciating silence, always, always, I knew it always

You knew me not

You knew not the burning intensity, the depth of my feelings
You knew not the despairing, tearing, anguish of my pain
You knew not the worrying, the sadness, the head hanging
You knew not unconfessed hopes and buried dreams
You knew not, you knew me not

But oh, how I remember thee

The love, the light, the wonderment of days gone
The pleasures, the moments, the seconds just ticked on
Know this truth, you were locked in my heart
The the inherent knowing, those damned premonitions and insights
Right from the start, the bittersweet ending so clearly in sight
Finally now, now I release thee
It must be…I need no longer bleed myself free

I am healed
I have forgiven me


Featured Image- Cleveland Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved