The sun whispers ever so softly to the sea

Why do you never move or dance with me?

The sea roars, with barely concealed dignity

I listen only to the clear sweet tune

of the glowing silvery moon

It is the only music I can hear, I fear

Oh, but I long to be free

To listen to only me

What if I disguised myself in fog and haze

then would you sway and glide my way?

No, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t

The sea replied indignantly

I truly want to be free, to belong only to me

The sea reflected longingly at the grey sky above

And wondered why, why the sun, the moon and the sky were free

Each free, to do and to be as they pleased, what was this thing they called love?

Finally, the sea roared again, ever so brazenly

I need to be free, to flow effortlessly

To be  liberated like the sun, the sky and the moon

 I need to be free, to be me

Free to sparkle, sing and dance to my own sweet melody

And, just like those above, I shall listen to my own sweet songs of love



Featured Image- Cleveland Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada, 25 Dec 2015

© 2015-2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved