Reality Cracks


Reality Cracks has been published in Open Heart Forgery in the July 2016 Edition.


I see
I feel

The tighter I close my eye
The longer the line
The less I hear
The deeper the grind
The less I know
The wider the gap
The smaller I grow
The greater the crack

Just… relax
Faith heals everything
Even the cracks.


Featured Image- Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved



Divine Sunrise

In the depths of my being

I hear the whispering stillness of tall pines

Wild creatures and short grasses


In the echoes of my heart

I intuit a solitary sadness

 A yearning from pseudo-conscious, lonely masses


As the crisp clean air flows through my bosom

I breathe in anticipation…

Feeling, as if I were a great soaring eagle in flight!


On the breadth of my cheek

I feel the excitement, no… the exuberance

Of the most exquisite butterfly, alight


At the tip of my tongue

I taste the tantalizing tang of creation

Salt spray, wild winds, the strongest of sea breezes


In the coolest, freshest evening air

I smell the sweet longing of wild roses

Urging… Please, please let us open!


Secretly praying to be awakened on this very night

In the darkness, ah, right there

I feel the erotic


Complete and utter ecstasy aroused by you

My sincerest of lovers

My soul’s equal, opening the gate


Alas, it is never too late….

Together we move

Entwined as one throughout the night


As the sky streaks crimson and gold

I rejoice in the clarity, the

Profundity of my holding, your


Deep, unfathomable heart

Passionate, unfaltering love

Divine, purest of souls


Lit by glowing embers

Two become one, finally

One becomes whole.


© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved


Oh, I forgive thee
My heart seeping, bleeding, almost empty
The paralyzing fear, when would it end, alone yet again
Excruciating silence, always, always, I knew it always

You knew me not

You knew not the burning intensity, the depth of my feelings
You knew not the despairing, tearing, anguish of my pain
You knew not the worrying, the sadness, the head hanging
You knew not unconfessed hopes and buried dreams
You knew not, you knew me not

But oh, how I remember thee

The love, the light, the wonderment of days gone
The pleasures, the moments, the seconds just ticked on
Know this truth, you were locked in my heart
The the inherent knowing, those damned premonitions and insights
Right from the start, the bittersweet ending so clearly in sight
Finally now, now I release thee
It must be…I need no longer bleed myself free

I am healed
I have forgiven me


Featured Image- Cleveland Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved

Sea Love

The sun whispers ever so softly to the sea

Why do you never move or dance with me?

The sea roars, with barely concealed dignity

I listen only to the clear sweet tune

of the glowing silvery moon

It is the only music I can hear, I fear

Oh, but I long to be free

To listen to only me

What if I disguised myself in fog and haze

then would you sway and glide my way?

No, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t

The sea replied indignantly

I truly want to be free, to belong only to me

The sea reflected longingly at the grey sky above

And wondered why, why the sun, the moon and the sky were free

Each free, to do and to be as they pleased, what was this thing they called love?

Finally, the sea roared again, ever so brazenly

I need to be free, to flow effortlessly

To be  liberated like the sun, the sky and the moon

 I need to be free, to be me

Free to sparkle, sing and dance to my own sweet melody

And, just like those above, I shall listen to my own sweet songs of love



Featured Image- Cleveland Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada, 25 Dec 2015

© 2015-2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved

Be That Which You Seek

Your World is your mirror


Featured Image- Machrie Moor Stone Circles, Isle of Arran, Scotland

© 2016 Judi Risser All Rights Reserved